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Gathering materials

Once you have your concept you then need to gather the all the files and content that you want on your website and place in a folder on your system for easy access. You will need to upload all of these onto the Createit site so that they can be added to your pages.

The following list gives you an idea of what you require.

  • Documents you want on your website, for example your handbook.
  • Your Logo (if you have one).
  • Images - any photographs you want to use.
  • Video – please note that the file limit is 30Mb (if your file is larger please contact Gateway for support).
  • Staff list – decide if you’ll have just names or the photos as well.
  • Twitter – make sure the profile is public or your feed will not be visible on the website.
  • Project/Achievements – think about anything that you would want to highlight on your homepage. This can be anything that makes you unique or something that you are proud of and want people to know about.
  • Addresses of any to other websites that you want to link to on your site, for example, GfIS, Education Scotland.

You can of course add any of this content at a later stage so don’t worry if you don’t have everything at this time.