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Role of website administrator

The Website Administrator should:

  • check that the information posted on your site is factually correct
  • make sure a consistent house style such as font/colours/line spacing is used, which makes it easier for the user to use and identify
  • make sure your site is not overpopulated with irrelevant details - keep it simple
  • keep your site up to date and archive any information which is no longer current
  • give each page a title for ease of access for the user
  • keep language and presentation plain and simple - avoid jargon and acronyms
  • check that parent/carer’s have given permission to include children/young people’s work/photographs onto the site (websites that contain images of children should never include any personal details such as names, postal addresses, phones or fax numbers or email addresses)
  • make sure that you don’t break copyright laws* 
  • meet with other staff and colleagues to decide on the aims and objectives of the site
  • check material for appropriateness and quality
  • allocate time to keep your website up to date.

It is always best to have more than one person with knowledge of managing your website.

* For example, your site must not include photographs or images that are published on the internet without permission from the photographer or copyright owner. Also, you may not copy large amounts of text written by someone else, even if you give them recognition for this.  You can ask a site if they will allow you to copy their