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Support team

Our support team is here to help and can provide a one-to-one service if you need it.

Our content management system is simple and easy to use and you should be able to build your own website by working through the user guides provided. However, we do recognise that this is sometimes not enough and that you might have a query or need some individual support as you start creating your own site.

A member of our team is allocated to you at the start of the process and is available to provide any help that you might need. They will get in touch regularly to check progress and offer any support or guidance. They can also arrange to come out to your centre for a face-to-face training session if you feel this would be useful.

After your site goes live, you can raise a help request at any time through the admin site, which is monitored daily, and someone from the team will get back to you within 24 hours of your request.